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Bahá’ís of El Paso

Uniting the World,

One Heart at a Time

Conference Details

(Registration Link Below)

Purpose of the Conference

The aim of this special conference is to attract “millions of people at the grassroots across the region and around the world so that they partake in a collective pattern of activity that fosters a vibrant community life in villages and cities everywhere.”

What insights will the participants gain?

“The conferences … will give the participants an opportunity to gain greater insight into the nature of the spiritual enterprise in which they are engaged, a sense of the distance traversed thus far, and a deeper understanding of the exigencies of the current stage in the unfoldment of the Divine Plan.”

“They will strive to enhance appreciation of the privilege of being part of a community that has set its gaze upon the spiritual and material transformation of society, and of the bounty of being connected by bonds of love and camaraderie with brothers and sisters in a global effort.”

General Themes of the Conference

  • will give new spiritual energy to addressing the conditions of the world.
  • will start a nine year global effort that will address problems communities around the world currently face.
  • will offer rich devotional spaces.
  • are part of a continuing community development process that has been going on for the past 25 years and now includes 5,000 communities around the world.
  • will bring together the diverse cultural elements of a global community in loving fellowship.
  • will bring together people of all ages to experience joyful expressions of art.
  • are part of ongoing effort to create new ways for individuals, institutions and community members to work together to transform society.
  • offer hope for building vibrant communities.
  • offer hope and certainty that God’s Plan is unfolding for all of humanity, and that we have the privilege of being part of it.

When and Where will the Conference be Held

The two-day conference will be held from 9:00am-5:00pm on Sat., April 30th and Sun., May 1st, 2022 at the Woman's Club of El Paso located at 1400 North Mesa St., El Paso, Texas 79902.  Participants are encouraged to attend both days, but are also able to register for either Saturday or Sunday.

Free Parking

The Woman's Club of El Paso has a large parking lot across the street and adjacent to the building.  Please park in this parking lot.


To register, you will need to click this registration link and complete and submit the form.


The conference is free of cost.  Light breakfast and lunch sandwiches will be provided (with water, coffee and/or ice tea).  If you wish to make a contribution, we ask that the contribution be made to a local charity of your choosing.

Youth and Adult Program

Saturday, April 30th Program

Sunday, May 1st Program

Children's Program

Children's Activities and Program

On-line Streaming Program

We are evaluating the option to provide an on-line streaming program for those unable to attend in person.   This will depend on the level of interest of an online program.

Covid-19 Information

    - You will need to show proof of your vaccinations. This will be checked every morning and for those coming later, during the day. It will save time if you have your proof ready.

    - If you have any symptoms, a cough, sore throat, fever or headache please stay at home.

    - If you begin to feel ill during the day at the conference, you will be encouraged to take a Rapid Antigen Test, although this is not mandated, to help keep others safe. You will need to leave the venue immediately.

    - Masks may be compulsory depending on the CDC guidance for El Paso, Texas.

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